In October of 2014, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) distributed “Ready to Work” funding to grantees with a mission to help Americans struggling to maintain employment, move from unemployment to Any Job, Better Job, then ultimately, a Career. This would result in building an impactful and effective workforce ecosystem for cities throughout the nation. (The ABC concept is a cornerstone of EmployIndy’s 5-year strategic plan.)

EmployIndy’s Employ Up program is the product of DOL’s “Ready to Work” grant. Employ Up focuses on working alongside individuals who are unemployed or underemployed by providing them with free skills training, job search support, and access to high-tech companies seeking local talent.

Today, Employ Up was awarded the “Most Innovative Bootcamp” award  by the US Department of Labor at the DOL convening in Washington, D.C. This award was given to the grantee who used a classroom-style career development, skills training bootcamp. Employ Up’s Career Prep course was specifically recognized for the depth of the elements covered, finding ways to implement new technology, and the “new school approach to the job search.” This program found a way to make career development a unique experience for the students by utilizing technology-driven, modern classroom activities such as video mock interviews.

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